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Price Computing Scale (PC-100 / 100E)

Modified: 12-21-2012 11:16:a.m.


Price Computing Scale PC-100  100E

Increase your sales with better convenience and accuracy

The PC-100 supports you, faster and stable weighings plus these versatile features which help better convenient transactions in sales.

Add up with weighing of price and transaction number

Add up of listed commodity price

Multiplication of listed commodity price

32 direct PLU keys with selective tare

Daily price accumulation with transaction number of an each direct PLU and entire sales

• Selective unit price and tare saving

• Change calulation

With Pole,  LED Display 15kg x 5gr, 30kg x 10gr

Without Pole,  LED Display 15kg x 5gr, 30kg x 10gr


Maximum capacity6.000kg / 15.000lbs15.000kg / 30.00lbs30.000kg / 60.00lbs
Minimum graduation0.002kg / 0.005lb0.005kg / 0.01lb0.010kg / 0.02lb
Maximum Tare-6.000kg / -15.000lbs-15.000kg / -30.00lbs-30.000kg / -60.00lbs
Internal resolution60,000 counts
A/D Conversion speed9 times / sec
Direct PLU32 PLU (Pole type)
Indirect PLU200(Unit price only), 100(Unit price and tare)
Displays(digit)VFD Price(6), Weight(5), Unit price(6)
(kg ↔ lb version)
Zero, Net, Stable, Save, Acc, Day, (kg, lb, $/kg, $/lb)
Platter size mm (inch)350 (13.8) x 270 (10.6)
Product size mm (inch)Poled → 365 (14.4) x 365 (14.4) x 470 (18.5)
No Poled → 365 (14.4) x 365 (14.4) x 160 (4.0)
Power sourceAC115, 230 / 50, 60Hz



1. Dot martrix printer
Paper width 75mm with double paper
Maximum 40 columns
Store name, Telephone No., Date etc.

2. Battery power pack
Rechargeable batter inside

3. Weight conversion

4. RS-232 interface
Hand shake mode

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