Noodle making machine SN-77 / 88

Noodle making machine SN-77

It is sanitary, useful, convenient and noiseless. The ABS resin cover makes its appearance smart.
The noodle cutting blade can change easily by the noodle's usage.
It is a convenient noodle maker for restaurants with various kinds of noodles such as chopped noodles, Japanese


Noodle making machine SN- 88

Time to reduce the large production costs

You can make any amount of noodles with this Dream Noodle-making Machine by the pressing of just one button, which will allow you to get rid of the residual remainder. The efficiency of this machine will increase the business competitive power by cutting down the costs of unnecessary manpower.

Tasty and chewy noodles can be instantly made with this high-speed machine

Wheat flour will be mixed with water in an cylinder that rotates to knead the dough used to generate the noodles. Because of this, this machine can instantly and continuously make the noodles fast, which is tastier than hand-beaten noodles.

Convenient compact design for easy storage

The compact design of this machine is simpler than older models that have one machine for kneading the dough and another machine to cut the noodles into stripes. The size of the machine is only 55CM x 67CM, which is ideal for any small kitchen.

Simple and easy cleaning

Because of the simple design it is very easy to clean, maintain and repair. It is so easy to clean that it can be done in a very short time and always produce noodles hygienically.


Simple adjustment of thickness and easy to use design.

Thanks to the new design you can get the thickness of the noodles desired that was difficult to achieve from older models by adjusting the numerical value of the panel.

Instant moisture control function

The attached water control valve allows the adjustment of the moisture level of the noodle as desired.

One-touch operation of machine

A dream mechanism that even a part-time employee can easily use with a one-touch button to make the necessary amount of noodles




SN - 77


500(W) × 645(L) × 360(H)mm



Rated Current





SN - 88


670mm × 750mm × 1780mm


220 V

Rated Current

800 W


188 kg

powder container capacity

30 kg

Water container capacity

20 liter

Noodle making time for a potion


  • Noodle making machine SN-77 / 88

    Noodle making machine SN-77 / 88

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