Small vacuum sealer IW-01

Small vacuum sealer IW-01

■ Features

  • Compact size, low weight & simple design
  • No sealing bar - Sealing with low noise of a small pump
  • Durable Non-flammable case
  • "Antibacterial" mark for plastic bag & roll from Korea testing & research institute
  • 4 choice operations
    -Automatic operation for vacuum & sealing
    -Half-automatic operation for vacuum & sealing
    -Automatic Sealing
    -Manual sealing
  • Powerful perfect vacuum. (Max. - 340mmHg)
  • Normal vinyl bag with Max. 295mm of width can be sealed

■ Available accessories

  • Anti-bacterial plastic bag (200 X 260mm):5pcs
  • Anti-bacterial Roll (200mm X 3m)

Small vacuum sealer IW-01

■ Specification

  • Weight: Net 0.6Kg
  • Dimension : 360 X 54 X 50[H]mm
  • Max. -340mmHg of vacuum level with a small vacuum pump
  • Max. 295mm of width of sealing is available
  • Vacuum level controllable : 0 ~ -340mmHg
  • Power consumption : 100W

■ Usages

  • Reduce the trash of food by long-term storage of vacuum sealing
  • Save money - Buy in bulk and freeze the remains with no food wasted
  • Prepare meals in advance and freeze. When you want, reheat in boiling water or microwave
  • Capture the fresh & flavor of raw fish
  • For camping or hiking or outdoors, keep supplies safe and dry
  • Protect important documents or electrical parts from air and moisture
  • Store your favorite noodles or cooked rice for a longer period of time
  • Keep green tea or coffee beans fresh, and breads like baked just before
  • Small vacuum sealer IW-01

    Small vacuum sealer IW-01

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