Two Flavors & One Twist / Standing type

Powerful Production Capacity
-Oversized compressor costs down production time.
Mass Mix Hopper & Cylinder Capacity
-The large Mix Hopper & Cylinder can serve Soft Ice Cream & Yogurt continuously.
Air Pump System
-Air pump makes Soft Serve much smoother and softer.


• Features
- Two Falvors & One Twist.
- Can serve Yogurt & Soft Ice Cream.

• Mix Hopper
- Two, 17.5liter (4.62gallon) capacity.

- Maintain the temperatuer of mix, under 5℃(41℉) in Auto & Stand by mode.

• Freezing Cylinder
- Two, 3.2liter (0.85gallon) capacity.

• Indicator Lights
- Mix Low & Out LED.

• Load Control System
- Check the electronic current every seconds from the dasher motor to produce high quality of soft serve.

• Standby Mode
- During long no-use time, Stanby mode keep the Mix Hopper and Freezing Cylinder cooling.

• Air-Pump System
- Air-Pump makes soft serve much smoother.

- Saperated motors are installed for Air-Pump.

  • SSI-303SP


  • SSI-303SP(air)


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